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Providing Project Management Platform

We are using active.collab for managing our projects. We will start a new project there, give all the partners access so all of us have every project document and whole communication in one place.

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Providing Email Adresses for the Project

We will create all email addresses needed for the project and also provide an easy and clear web interface for managing the mailboxes.

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Creating Project Website

We will create the project website. We have more than 20 years of experience with webdesign so we are able and willing to create website for any kind of a project no matter the difficulty. The more difficult the better - we always like a bit of challenge.

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Creating and Managing Project Social Profiles

We will create all social profiles for the project that will align with the project audience, target group and help gain attention. We will also manage those social profiles as needed so everyone interested in the project won't loose interest. We know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and many others.

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Creating easy to read Design Templates for Project Outputs

We will create easy to read and clear design template for all Word and Pdf documents and design Intellectual Outputs. We have a lot of skills in Microsoft Word and we use templates every day.

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Dveloping and Planing Online E-Learning (training) Platform

We will implement online e-learning platform for training courses that will help end users to understand the project, it's materials and tools, so they can easily apply them to their daily routines.

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Developing and Planing Platform for Registered Users (membership)

We will implement membership platform that will allow the project to reach it's goals much faster because every user would need to log in before he would be able to read, download or use any materials and tools.

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Designing Project Printed Matters

We have more than 15 years of experience with Adobe Software - Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop. We will create every printed matter that would be needed for the project.

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on top of that

Creating and Sending Project Newsletters

We are using mailchimp for most campaigns of our clients so we have a lot of experience with this platform. We will create newsletters for the project and regularly send them to gain attention about the project.

Providing Certification Platform for Online E-Learning (training)

We will implement certification and achievements to online e-learning so it would motivate end users to complete the whole training. End users would also be able to put the certifications to their resume.

Providing Technical Support for All Project Partners

We will gladly provide technical help, guidance, consultation and support for every partner and their Intellectual Outputs whenever they would need it with whatever the task might be.

Designing Project Posters

We will create any poster with catchy design that would be needed for the project promotion. We do it for our clients every day and we will do it gladly for the project as well to raise attention about the project.

Providing Project Marketing Support

All we want is to every project succeed and gain a lot of attention. We will use our skills in online marketing developed over last 12 years to help get all the attention that the project would need. Starting by getting likes and website visitors.

GDPR Ready

All our online platforms are GDPR ready. We are doing everything by the book. Every user is informed about why we need their personal data, what we do with them and who they can contact about their personal data.

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