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we are artevio

We are kind and generous people. Our commitment to every project is strong. We are the lighthouse that will guide all project technical needs in a way that will make the project useful.

We help projects to be usefull, to have added value and been done in the highest quality.

Our Story

that let us here

We have been in the online industry since 1998.  Our brand was created in 2010 and our company was created in 2015 when we found our true purpose.

To be be honest, it took quite a while to get here. We had lots of ups and downs. But as with the passage of time, it brings much wisdom and that wisdom is experience. Over the years we have met with countless aspiring individuals with a mindset to move forward in the online industry and worked with them side by side as they were building their online tools and businesses.

We have learned and can honestly say that online world isn’t a one way ticket. It’s intricate and is something that needs special attention. We have found that if project wants to succeed, online services cannot just be provided as simple tasks, but every step needs to be well thought, analysed, tested and performed correctly.

Forged Skills

combined with common sense

We will help your project achieve all the goals and also help the project to be useful for all users and much more. We provide services and skills that were honed by years of experience in the industry.

We think about needs of every users that will be using any project platform, benefits it provides to them and usefulness of every feature before we execute any task. The internet is an ever-growing place, so we have to always remain up-to-date with the services that we provide.

We are working with skilled individuals from around the world to deliver great experience.

We are have our own set of tools and solutions that will help every online platform to be easy to use

Tested Solutions

accomplished with partners

After over two decades in online industry we can surely say that we are  providing well tested solutions that are clearly organised, fast and easy to use. 

Building relationships with our partners is a goal that we strive for. Weaving our way to deliver the best possible solutions as we work together to build something that is the initial dream goal. Along with that, we provide the best tools and means that will help in every step of the way.



"Imperdiet eget odio augue. Totam repellat, scelerisque autem dicta, mollit, habitasse hymenaeos"

James LeBlanc, CEO of IND


Years of Experience in Web Development


Years of Experience in Printed Matter Design


Years of Experience in Online Marketing


Years of Experience with Erasmus+
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